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Altitude Behavioral Health, Ltd. ® 

Altitude Behavioral Health provides specialized out patient mental health therapy and treatment for adolescents, young adults, individuals, couples and families struggling with substance abuse, addiction, depression and co-occurring mood disorders. 

There are many dynamics that impact our physical and emotional health on a daily basis.  If we are unable to cope effectively, our stress can lead to sadness, anger, resentment and depression. The time is now to seek new strategies and tools essential to healing oneself and repairing relationships.  

My goal as your therapist is to provide a specialized therapeutic approach to your unique situation.  In an effort to achieve this, I utilize many different modalities to promote an empowering, mindful and healthy lifestyle  geared toward wellness and success.  Please feel free to call today for a confidential, no cost, no obligation initial 15 minute consultation to see if my services are right for you.                            

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